8 April 2019

Fabien, Big in Japan

Fabien is certainly a sports coach, but with his 14 stays in the Land...
15 October 2018

Shanghai by Neila

Neila, habituée des longs séjours à l’étranger, porte un regard personnel sur …
2 October 2018

My wanderlist

“The best trip is the one we haven’t made yet.” Loick Peyron
26 August 2018

Highly recommended in Istanbul

When the orange horizon of the sun intersects the verticality of the minarets, and...
21 August 2018

Highly recommended in South Africa

A wild nature without alteration, a form of primitive connection. South Africa offered me...
20 August 2018

Highly recommended in Madagascar

Finally, the real problem with Madagascar is that the island sets the bar very...
9 July 2018

The beautiful Malagasy soul

Rivo, a 31-year-old dad who loves striped sweaters and orange beanies, is a true Swiss knife. In turn, he ...
5 July 2018

The Bats of Madagascar
(on grieving while travelling)

Le voyage m’a accompagné dans beaucoup d’étapes de ma vie. Peu importe la destination,...