South Africa
In practice

Some useful information before traveling to one of the most beautiful countries of the African continent.

Palace, mystical rounds and pastries

Between the Tower, the Museum of Spinning Dervishes, the mythical Pera Palace, and the best baklava pastry in the country, the district of Galata, one of the oldest in the city,...

A brief history of South Africa

A look back at the great periods that built the Rainbow Nation.

A Brief History of Istanbul

Like Athens and Rome, The former Constantinople is an ancient capital. Its splendours reflect a past...

From Pretoria to Victor Verster,
in Mandela’s footsteps

Focus on some emblematic places of the great man’s journey, from where he was tried, freed, and elected president.

The splendor of Ottoman palaces

To enter the palaces of Istanbul is to discover the Ottoman splendor in all its splendor, to better understand the history of the sultans, and ...

Mosques of Istanbul
Ottoman splendors and modern lyricism

Between sober elegance and extreme refinement, between roundness and volumes, gold and azure, the mosques of the city are ...

Why traveling to South Africa ?

The diversity of landscapes and the history of the “ Rainbow nation " give it this extra soul that travellers are looking for.

A brief history of Madagascar

Land of pirates, kings, slaves and settlers, Madagascar eventually gained its independence. But its contemporary history...

The province of Mahajanga : Wild Wild West

Between the Red Circus, the Anjohibe Caves and Ankarafantsika National Park, the province of Mahajanga looks like the American Far West. An ideal place for adventure...

The Makay, terra incognita

In Madagascar, the ideal place for adventures, there are still unexplored areas where nature has all its rights.

Kedi Pachas
The cats of Istanbul

The Tokyoïtes and their cat cafes can't hope running the competition, because if there is a place where cat lovers have a reason to be happy, it's in Istanbul.

in practice

Some useful information before going to the sultans' country.

The Ndebele tribe,
Vibrant tribal geometry

The Ndebele's art is above all a women business. The tribe owes them the international recognition of its art.

Nosy be and its islands : (almost) a secret paradise

Mada, these are also beach trails that have nothing to envy in the Caribbean.

Le Mpumalanga, land of gold and relief

The "place where the Sun rises“ or the "Paradise Country” is a land of jewels in many ways.

Johannesburg, and Soweto the rebel

Immersion into the heart of Mandela and Johnny Clegg's Africa, vibrant, revolted, authentic, tribal.

The province of Diego Suarez :
red land and Emerald sea

From the Amber Mountain to the French's one, from the Red Tsingy to Ramena, from the Three Bays to the Emerald Sea, to the charm of Diego and its bay : so many landscapes ...

Turkish delights

Crossroad of Oriental and Asian culinary traditions during the Silk Road, the ancient Constantinople has mixed these influences, ...

South African national parks

Overview of the most emblematic South African reserves, for future safari adventurers.

The hottentote venus or the callipygian ordeal

Sawtche has the misfortune of being endowed with an hypertrophy of hips and buttocks, in short of a huge posterior …

In words, images and music

To go further, here is a small selection of books, movies and musics.

Cape Town and its region: African California

Cape Town borders the coast of Africa. It's one of the country’s “white” cities. It doesn't seem to be part of the same country as, for example, ...

Did you know ?

In Mada, the dead turn around into their graves, and the Lord is Perfumed.

Why traveling to Madagascar ?

At a time when more and more European cities are choking on tourism, Madagascar actually needs it.


Madagascar is not A common country. Considering a trip there raises a few questions. Is that the...

Central to South Madagascar
: Wonderland

Isalo, Tsingy, baobabs : emblematic pictures of the country.

Ankarana National Park :
The jurassik fortress

Caves and stones' fortresses, real natural cathedrals formed by the tsingy. An exceptional site, dating from the Jurassic.

South Africa
in words, films and musics

Small selection of books, movies and musics.

Princes’ Islands : the turkish Deauville

New York has its Hamptons, Italy has its Cinqueterre, Istanbul has the Princes Islands.

Bulgarian St. Stephen Church,
the church of iron and gold

Listed among the ten most beautiful churches in Turkey, Bulgarian Saint Stephen Church is like a jewel case containing the shining of a gold adornment.

Why traveling to Istanbul?

Istanbul has fascinated generations of travelers, traders, painters and writers. To set foot in the city is ...

Johnny Clegg, the only white guy in the party

Johnny Clegg left us on July 16, 2019. Focus on an artist whose music was a fight, a cry to the world, a courage.

A brief history of South Africa

A look back at the great periods that built the Rainbow Nation.

On the trail of Byzantium in Istanbul

Few cities were once considered the centre of the religious and political world. Istanbul, whose ancient name is still synonymous with...

The safari

Safari means “long trip” in Swahili, and also comes from the arabic word "safara" which means “ he traveled ”. So if the term can ...

Did you know ?

From Loti to James Bond, croissant to cat, Tintin to Superman...

Istanbul’s bazaars :
Crossroads of the world

Iconic image of the city, the bazaars of Istanbul tell us the multicultural past of ancient Ottoman Constantinople. Profusion of smells, colors,,...

Golden Horn Cruise

Two shores, two faces. If the European shore is very touristic, the Asian's one is much more ...